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[Closed] A question about Theme compatibility

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I am trying to: Chose an appropriate new Theme for my Main Company Website:

The Theme I would like to use is fairly "cutting edge" and I'm not sure if it will be compatible w WP-types:
>> hidden link

Can you take a look and let me know - might it be compatible with the various WP-Types plugins...?

This new Compass theme incorporated several very "leading-edge" technologies being used these days for WP front-end development. But can WP-types "play nice" with them, or does WP-types limit me in this? (See the link above for a quick run-down for the frameworks the Compass theme incorporates.

Key question in this is that it uses the semantic, responsive grid framework "Neat" from Bourbon, instead of Bootstrap. Would this create a problem in building views and templates w WP-types?

See: hidden link

Please let me know your thoughts on this, as my developer would love to get started building the new version of our site on the Compass Theme (and it's underlying frameworks) together with your kick-ass plugins!

thank you!

Dylan Newcomb
Director, UZAZU Mind-Body


I am not aware if one of our customers uses Compass, this is the first time. I liked the idea of this theme, although. I don't think you should have some problem to integrate our plugins with this theme.

The only one you should spend some time to integrate, is Layouts. Because it requires some changes in the core files of any theme you want to integrate with it.

Views has a feature to work with Bootstrap, using its classes / features. But it is not required, I mean, you can disable this functionality to integrate Views to any theme you want, even it doesn't use Bootstrap.

We have a great team working to make our plugins compatible with any theme, mainly great ones. So don't worry, if you find something wron just let us know and we will work to fix it quickly.

Unfortunately I can't give you a exact response, because I never played on this theme before. It is just my previous experience with a lot of other nice themes.

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