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Topic Tag: Genesis integration

The integration between Toolset and Genesis theme makes it easy to add custom content to Genesis and display it, on the front-end. First, make sure that you read the documentation on Toolset and Genesis integration. For this integration to work, you need to have the following Toolset plugins installed:

  • Types
  • Views
  • Layouts
Of course, you also need to have Genesis theme. Depending on your site, you may also need CRED and Access. When you ask for help, please explain what you are trying to achieve, show us what you are doing and explain what you expect to see.

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Genesis places primary sidebar widget, but doesn't show it in Layout screen

Started by:  harryT in: Types Community Support
Quick solution available

2 3 7 years, 2 months ago


Menu appears twice

Started by:  oysteinB in: Toolset Professional Support
Quick solution available

4 16 7 years, 3 months ago


Viewing 2 topics - 76 through 77 (of 77 total)