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[Cerrado] WordPress 4.2.3 update breaks shortcodes

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Last updated by Amir hace 8 años, 4 meses.


@paul read the board - it's not working


@peter, did you try the beta versions, as those will solve a lot of your issues I guess.

wpv-for-each works perfect over here again when using Views_b2 and Types_b1


Yes I tried the BETA Versions, and "a lot of issues" isn't simpkly enough in this case.

- content templates can't be edited
- wpv-for-each doesn't work

Rember this is just the second beta, nothing more.....


@peter Everything can be edited over here, I've read more in this board about some issues not being able to edit. But did you try to see if it could also be an incompatibility issue related to other plugins / theme as well? This change isn't just related to WP-Types & Views, it can affect all shortcode related functions.

Sure it is "just" the second beta, but please be glad they are working so hard on this issue! I've already removed other certain plugins as the developers of those don't respond at all!

WordPress didn't announce the change in the shortcode API. So the WP-Types & Views developers were not able to avoid these problems. They put all their developer resources on this issue! Don't expect such a huge impact being solved with a magic wand, it means they need to dig in the code, test, some changes will have affect on other functionalities etc.

And YES i'm depending on their updates also... I needed to reschedule my agenda to bring up all our websites working again...


+1 for @herrev response!

I felt like responding to @peter today when I read his message as I was so disappointed to read it. I dissuaded myself because it was apparent he didn't fully appreciate the situation - and what's involved.

Only thing I'd add here is that the Toolset developers have the added responsibility, beyond straightening out a mess they didn't cause directly, of making sure the "fixes" don't introduce their own instabilities and even security issues.

A peak behind the scenes at a well known WordPress theme and plugin "mega store" (that starts with "E") would reveal just how hosed some users of other developers plugins and themes actually are right now. With some of the biggest sellers having taken their entire websites offline. One has to wonder if they'll be back anytime soon. 😉


I've been a satisfied customer for some years. However regarding the current situation it was my fault to use TYPES/VIEWS on a professional level. I would expect that a commercial plugin company comes up with a fix in 1-2 days. This seems not to unrealistic to me. I do webistes for living. I can't explain my clients that there sites arbe borken because of a incompatible plugin with no fix., so I've do rewrite all the VIEWS and earn no money in this time.



Folks, thanks for your continued support.

We are down to a few last issues. We found that the radical changes in Views (to handle the WordPress API change) cause incompatibility with other plugins. We know what's causing it and we have a solution that we're implementing right now.

We will release another update for Views (beta) today. We also plan to update Types and add support for capabilities in HTML publishing.

When we see that these betas resolve most everything and don't cause ANY backward compatibility, we will push it as Views 1.9.1.

The most critical part for us is to make sure that the changes in shortcodes processing don't cause backward compatibility with WordPress 4.2.2 and older.

Then, we will continue to work on any remaining corner case, so that all sites running Toolset get everything back to the way it was before the WordPress API change landed on us.


BTW, this had put a bit of a delay in Views 1.10. Views 1.10 will follow this urgent update and brings a list of things worth waiting for.


@peter You're not the only one... ME TOO... but the Shortcode API changes are huge! (did dig into it and you'll find out that the impact is huge, had to rewrite lot's of my own coded shortcodes too. And those where just easy simple coded ones)

As you know from using Types&Views... it completely relies on shortcodes (making our life as website developers easier). This plugin has decreased the building time of a website with lots advanced possibilities, giving us a lot of advantages... So we sure did earn already from Types & Views...

and yes I don't like to discuss this issue continuously to our customers... Would love to have the solution...

but the only one at this moment is: have a little patience... these guys are doing all they can...


@peter, sure they say Types misused the way how they implemented the shortcode... but come on... did you ever read:
- you should not use the shortcode this way
- shortcodes can not be used for this or that
- shortcodes are only meant to use for this or that

Well maybe you did, but i didn't. The shortcode API have been working in a certain way for years. Now they refer to, it was never meant to be used in this or that way. Come on, don't you think that is a way to easy answer...

But let's stop this conversation... the only thing we can do is wait... i'm sure the dev. department over here is doing all they can to bring us up and running again...

They will do everything what they can do... this is their business... if the Toolset pluginset won't work anymore... they are simply out of business too.



Timezone: Europe/Madrid (GMT+01:00)

Hi there, this is Juan again. You know, the Views lead dev 🙂

After putting some of our best heads on this, we are quite proud to announce that... well, we have new betas ready for you to download. Those ones are Types 1.7.8-b2 and Views 1.9..1-b3. Those beta versions solve a number of things:
- Types WYSIWYG fields and formatting - hopefully, no more extra and unwanted paragraphs.
- Types experimental frontend HTML control - this is inspired on the security fix that WordPress itself implemented, it is still a work in progress and will be properly announced soon.
- Views complete review of the several race conditions we were experiencing, which shuld result in proper shortcodes rendering.

Some notes about that last issue.

In Views, we have some advanced things, like wpv-for-each loops which need to iterate over all the shortcodes (Types and Views) it contains, wpv-if conditionals (which provide support for shortcodes in the evaluation expression) and the ability to use shortcodes as values for attributes for other shortcodes. Obviously, we also supported our shortcodes as HTML attributes.

The latest API change involved that not only the last one stopped working, but impacted all the other things too, including the methods we use to render Views, which rely a lot on nested structures. We had to implement a way of handling the directly broken scenarios, while providing a solution to the affected ones. That demanded heavy coding, and also some planning to set a correct order of execition - which caused some issues while we got that right. And we wanted to do this all while ensuring that we did not bring back the very security issue that caused the changes in the first place.

Our goal was, and is, to restore the functionality as it was working. And finally I do think we did.

All that comment means: get the betas, update, check your sites and if you have pending issues, please:
- Check your site without third party plugins and with a default theme, even if that means that some things will look ugly because they do deend on other shortcodes. Let's rule out first that.
- Open a support ticket with as much information as you can: what exact functionality is missing, what is the data structure (a View inside a Content Template? A post types relationship? etc).
- If posible, provide a Duplicator package of your site - it does help a lot -

We will be answering and checking each and every issue related with this update, and we will not be happy until you all are happy.

By the way, and as Amir already teased, we were caught by this while preparing the next Views release, version 1.10. While it will be delayed a little, I can wait to share with all of you the new things we packed for it. A new conditional output system with a GUI, several (and I mean a huge amount of) performance improvements and some other goodies. Please stay tunned.

I want to thank you all again for your patience. It has been a difficult week, but we are getting there 🙂





Hello there,

Just a quick note. Although most bugs are squashed (thank you so much for all the hard work), I wanted to just bring attention to Views tables in the frontend. I am getting the JS error below.....

Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: [name=Job+Type], [name=Job+Type\[\]]

....When a user clicks to filter a table of results by column. Is this on the list of fixes?

Many thanks



Good work! Everything seems to work again.


Ups....this was too fast...

- cant edit content-template - page is empty

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