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WooCommerce VIEWS & Store Page

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Hi there, my theme does not support woocommerce so i used woocommerce Views to integrate it.

If i select a "Shop Page" from woocommerce settings it breaks the specific page as it is not supported by the i created a view using views and added the shortcode to the Shop page. Then i removed the selection from woocommerce settings and it works great. The issue with that is when for example the cart is empty there is a button "Return To Shop" but because a shop page is not actually selected via woocommerce settings it can't load it.

Here is a short 4 minute video of what i mean: hidden link

Please advice,


Dear Stelios,
Thanks for the video. WooCommerce Views requires a theme to be WooCommerce compatible first. Please refer to the following links on how to make your theme WooCommerce compatible:

hidden link

Then after you implement the changes in the above tutorial, you can then declare your theme as WooCommerce compatible by using this code here:
hidden link

Now if you want to customize your shop page using WooCommerce Views, you don't need to create a specific "page" to it with the Views shortcode(and then assign a shop page in WooCommerce settings). To do this correctly, all you need is to override this WooCommerce default shop page with Views WordPress archives. In order to achieve this , please read this tutorial:

To read the specific part on customizing the shop page, scroll down to "Load products from the database and display them" section.

Please let me know how it goes. Thanks 🙂


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