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[Resuelto] Woocommerce Orders list in views

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Hello Brian. These days I was thinking that I could use Toolsets to get a list of orders in Woocommerce. I have seen that in views you can use this type of Post, however, you do not get any kind of results.

Do you have to do something special to get the data? It is possible with Toolsets to obtain a list, for example, by dates of the orders with the data of the clients, amount of each purchase, for example?

It does not work for me



Hi, you can find more information about displaying Orders on the front-end here:

The total price of the order is a hidden WooCommerce custom field called "_order_total". To make it accessible by Views go to the Toolset -> Settings page, click the Front-end content tab and look at the Hidden custom fields section. There, click the Select custom fields button and check the Order Total field.