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[Resuelto] Woocommerce category pages are not using my archive layouy

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I am trying to: Setup my archive layout for the product category pages

Link to a page where the issue can be seen: hidden link

I expected to see: My layout

Instead, I got: My theme's layout


Please head to Toolset > WooCommerce Views, and select for "Product Template File" the WooCommerce Views plugin default single product template if you want to design single Products with Layouts or Content Templates.
For "Product Archive Template File" select the WooCommerce Views plugin default product archive template if you want to design the Shop and Product Category archives with Layouts or Content Templates (this last one seems done on your site).

Then, head to Toolset > Layouts and add a new layout, since you do not yet have a Layout that is assigned to the Product Archives.
Then, insert a Cell in a Row, specifically the "Create new WordPress Archive cell".
There, either choose an archive you created already for the Product Categories or create a new one.
Insert this to the Layout

Now, assign the Layout to the Product Categories archive in the layouts settings "Change how this layout is used".

Then the archive will apply your Layout design


Solved, thank you!