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[Resuelto] Views Slider overlaps & hides my other views content

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Last updated by cathieH hace 8 años, 10 meses.

Assisted by: Luo Yang.

16-01-2015 18-17-59.jpg
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I am trying to: stop my slider from hiding the rest of my content.

I visited this URL: hidden link

I expected to see: all of my content still visible when my slider scrolls to slide 2.

Instead, I got: my second view that shows a magazine style layout of selected posts, this section disappears when my slider scrolls to slide 2.

FIRST QUESTION: how do I stop the slider from hiding the rest of the content when it goes to slide 2?
ADDITIONAL QUESTION: How do I limit the number of slides to show only the newest 10 blog posts?


Are we talking about the text of title and excerpt part of the slider?
For example:

Scarlet Death

“The Scarlet Death broke out in San Francisco. The first death came on a Monday morning. By Thursday they were dying like flies in Oakland and San Fra …

1) Since it is part of the slider, it will be fade out with other parts of the slide.
So it is not possible to "stop the slider from hiding the rest of the content when it goes to slide 2"

2) Please try this, edit your view, click "", enable option "Limit and offset", then you should be able to set the option "Display 10 items"
You can setup your view order by "Post date", "Descending" to get the latest 10 posts.

19-01-2015 12-09-25.jpg

1) No I'm talking about the other section, the block of four taxonomy posts shown below the slider, it only appears for the duration of the first slide, when the second slide shows then all those four taxonomy posts disappear.

See the attachment.

In 2) you said click"" .. click what? I can't see any option to 'limit and offset' .. thanks.


1) could you duplicate same problem in a test site, and fill below private detail box with login details, also point out the problem page URL and View URL, I need a live website to debug this problem

2) it is the "Screen Options" button on the top right of the View page


There is a un-closed div tag in the content template:
hidden link

I have added a </div> in it


Thank you, I'm sorry I didn't spot the simple issue of the </div> close tag!!

Also thank you for reminding me about the screen options, I forgot to think to look there.


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