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[Resuelto] Views Not Working with HHVM

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I am trying to: View my Views pages (Both Standard Views and Content templates) that were working fine until I swapped my site over to using HHVM.

I visited this URL: hidden link

I expected to see: My Views output with a bunch of images and form inputs that run volume calculations

Instead, I got: A blank content output under the page title.

I've turned Full Debug Mode on in views and don't get a popup on the frontend, I've also set the following in wp-config:

define('WP_DEBUG', true);
define('WPV_LOGGING_STATUS', 'info');

Note that this only appears to be affecting the views output on the frontend. Types and Views appear as normal in wp-admin. I've tried disabling all other themes/plugins which had no effect, I'm positive this is a compatibility issue between Views & HHVM.



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Thank you for reporting on this. I have just discussed with Views Developers and they suspect that, there are chances of such incompatibility. Since HHVM requires some coding standards which may lead to several serious changes in Views code.

However, I have submitted this for a consideration and future improvements - to the Dev Team. But unfortunately this won't be updated anytime soon.


Thanks for acknowledging the issue Waqas. I understand it's not an easy fix to patch incompatibilities with HHVM. If you could encourage your developers to take a look at the HHVM github (hidden link) and maybe post an issue there with the specific functions that are not working as intended in HHVM environment the community team there might be able to implement a solution into HHVM.

With many popular Hosts picking up and encouraging HHVM such as WPEngine, Siteground, Pagely, Kinsta and Dreamhost I'd say it's an important step for WP-Types to actively pursue compatibility.

On my own WordPress sites that I've tested HHVM with I'm seeing on average about a 30-40% reduction in load times which is awesome.

Please keep me and the community posted as you tackle this issue.



Languages: Inglés (English )

Timezone: Asia/Karachi (GMT+05:00)

Of course the Dev Team has already their eyes on it. And I have also registered this as a feature request in our systems. I will keep you posted as there's a progress on this matter.


We've added this as feature request, our development team will assess this soon. I'm closing this.


Awesome, thanks Adriano.

Please keep the community in the loop regarding your progress 🙂