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[Cerrado] Search box within a view

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Last updated by Brent hace 11 años, 8 meses.

Assisted by: Caridad.


Hello, trying to set a search within a view that will search my beer custom post type. I have set it up exactly like you guys explain in the Real estate example.

Here is the page in question. hidden link

Currently the view is set to select the beers post type by postdate in desc order.
The second filter adds the search box to the view.
Can someone tell me what i'm missing.




Dear Brent,

I have just tried it on a clean installation and it worked first time.
Is  exclude_from_search  disabled in your custom post type settings?
If it is, you can try with a plugin like Debug Queries to see whats going on behind.



No, exclude_from_search is not disabled?


Dear Brent,

Try disabling that checkbox.

Please let me know if there is anything else that I can assist you with.



Yeah no go, I get the same results. I can get it to return a custom taxonomy but only while using custom wordpress templates.
See here..
hidden link

It's returning a custom taxonomy but again it's using a custom wordpress template to do this.

This is no help for me with a search box though, I need it to return results to the same page ideally.


Dear Brentt,

I get the impression that search is looking in the body of the post instead of the title. Can you confirm this is your problem?

I will contact the developers about this and get back to you.



Not sure how to confirm this, I have tried searching different terms that are only in the title and/or body of a beer but still nothing. Although when I do a search on the archives page it works fine, It seems to search the body and title? But i'm using the default wordpress search on the archives page.
hidden link


Dear Brent,

We are working on Types Search, which will let users control what the Search functionality actually does. The product is not completed yet but we are working hard to release it.

Please let me know if there is anything else that I can assist you with.



Right on, Have any Ideas when we might see a release? I guess I'll try and figure something else out for now, do you guys know off hand what it will and will not search currently?


Dear Brent,

Currently we search in the title and the body.



Well, for now They will just have to use the wordpress search, this what my final results for this look like.
hidden link

Thanks for all the help Caridad!

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