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Questions about a Custom Search I am building

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I currently have two Custom Post Types, "Therapies" and "Therapists".

"Therapists" can have multiple "Therapies" attached to them. This all works perfectly.

I need to then be able to create a custom search which can search on the following:

Therapy (Taxonomy Link) – currently this takes me to the actual "Therapy" Post Type and not the linked "Therapist"
Location (Custom Field) – works perfectly
Therapist Name (Post Title) – No option available to search on Post Title
Condition (Post Content) – No option available to search on Post Content

What is currently have is at hidden link

Clicking on "Search Therapists" returns all Therapists which is great, but need to be able to narrow down successfully by the items above.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

WordPress 3.5
Types Version
Views Version

I can create a temporary login if required. Just let me know.



Dear Craig,

I think that the URL parameter you gave to the therapy filter control is clashing with the taxonomy slug. Try to name it something else.

The Post search filter will search in both title and content.

Please let me know if there is anything else that I can assist you with.



Hi Caridad,

I just combined the Therapist Name or Condition into one search field. Thanks for the pointer.

I changed the URL parameter to "therapylink" from just "therapy" and it has partially worked. Some of the results being returned are not accurate.

e.g. Selecting "Kinesiology" returns 1 Therapist (which is correct as only 1 Therapist so far is a Kinesiologist) but selecting "Counselling & Psychotherapy" returns all Therapists (There should only be 7). There are quite a few which return all Therapists, which shouldn't be happening.

Any further ideas as to why that might be?



Dear Craig,

Just a quick question to help me debug this issue further:
Does this happen only when there is an ampersand in the name? Or is it related to spaces in the name?



Dear Caridad

It looks like it is related to spaces in the name.



Dear Craig,

Can you check that your taxonomy filter is set to match the taxonomy slug and not the name?



Dear Caridad,

My taxonomy filter was set to 'taxonomy name' and not 'taxonomy slug'. I have changed it to 'taxonomy slug' and it is now working as it should.

Many thanks for your assistance with this and all other questions. It is really appreciated 🙂

Best regards,


Hey Craig,

I'm building a surprisingly similar search and while I've got all the filters working, I'm battling to get the post search to work. I've quadrupal checked my settings, but no matter what I try, it doesn't want to work.

I was just wondering whether you did anything other than add a wpv_post_search filter to get it searching the titles/content?