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[Resuelto] Avada Fusion Builder column spacing

Este hilo está resuelto. Aquí tiene una descripción del problema y la solución.

Problem: When I apply a 0px column spacing attribute in the Fusion Builder, it is not respected on the front-end of the site.

Solution: Apply the patch found in the erratum post below. A permanent fix will be included in a future release.

Relevant Documentation:

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Last updated by Fabian hace 4 años, 1 mes.

Assigned support staff: Christian Cox.

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 4.53.44 PM.png

This product seems to be displaying correctly, can you check?
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This Content Template includes some code that is breaking Fusion Builder:
hidden link

When I try to save the template with Fusion Builder active, I see an error message "Your page content could not be displayed as a Fusion Builder layout. Most likely that means there is some invalid markup or shortcode in it."


Hi, christian. Now it works.

I never use Fusion Buider from the Toolsets editor, because if you add code, especially div tags, Fusion Builder goes crazy. I usually create the container and the columns and then in the toolsets editor I add the code I need.

Probably when you have edited with the Fusion Builder and saved the changes it has broken the code.

The important thing is that right now it seems to work. I'm going to try on the production website to see if it works properly, because I'm already implementing everything there.

I will also mount a test website to do more tests and if I see something, I will notify you.

Thanks for your help and time.