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[Cerrado] Problem showing form data

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I have a problem with cred, First of all, there is a [cred_show_group...] that doesn't work,

secondly, When I check, and try the credform, it doesn't show the checkboxes in form data.

I need help as fast as possible, because I have to have finished it tomorrow morning, so, please, let me know how to say you the credentials to enter in my web.

Thank you.



A bit in the same boat here.. I'm trying to find out how to send a mail receipt of the registration that a 'guest' user has made. In the form there's user fields I've made through types.

Have you checked permissions? I'm working on a similar thing, but it seems that if you have a 'guest' role that creates a new account, where you have added new user fields. You can only sendt them to him/her, if the data i publicly available to all 'guests' which isn't good either.

The thing about the cred_show_group I've been experiencing too, and it's not pretty or logical. Sometimes when you just include less things inside the show_group it works. Or if you move the tags around.. totally random. Spent a day or two on it, and ended up doing it manually with jQuery. Hope you find a solution in time.


Hello Rafael,

Thanks for contacting Toolset support.

Could you please do some tests and check if any of those reveal some problems with the sidebar?

1. Please check if the problem persist when

- All non relevant Plugins are disabled
- Theme is set to default Twenty Fourteen

2. Activate WordPress debug.log and see if there are any errors displayed? Here are the instructions for activating it :

3. You can also check the Chrome built-in JavaScript Console for errors. To open the console go to Menu (Three Bars) > Tools > JavaScript Console

Please paste here any errors that you see in the WordPress debug.log or in JS Console.

--- --- ---

@magnus-nielsen , Can you please start new thread for the problems you're having?


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