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[Cerrado] Parametric Search

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I want to use the parametric search to display results on the page the user is on, without a reload. I believe this is done via ajax?

Okay anyway I have indicated in the views options by ticking the radio button that says

"Update the View results every time an input changes"

How ever this has had no effect and fails to do what it is meant to. If I click on advanced I see options for a before and after ajax call? Am I to put something in these fields? Is there a tutorial on setting this up?


Dear Guy,

This is the tutorial:

Can you show me an image of your View settings, please?



Hi Adriano. Sure I've attached it to this post. It doesn't work with auto update and also the option to grey out unavailable options fails it just greys out everything but apparently this is an issue your already aware of and fixing in the next update of views. I'm not sure if this other issue though of it not auto updating without the need for a submit button action is a bug your aware of.

Please review settings and let me know if this is my own stupidity or if it is a bug with views


Dear Guy,

Thanks for the screenshot. So, you are doing it right. We have some pending issues related to this one, but anyway I would like to check your site. Could you provide credentials to it? The private area is enabled, please fill the required fields.



Hi Adriano

I have provided them attached. I look forward to possibly finding a solution to this. Really impressed with the development of views hope we can iron out the bugs.


Dear Guy,

Thank you for providing credentials, I will check that with ou development team and will get back to you soon.


Dear Guy,

You are doing it right, but the thing is that we fixed some things in the Views 1.6.1, I've just updated it for you. So, I've just created a new View called "Test 1" and it is working fine there, take a look in the page. You will need to create your view again.

Please let me know if you are satisfied with my answer and if I can help you with any other question which is related with this one.

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