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[Resuelto] Notification e-mail in cred

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Last updated by rafaelT-2 hace 6 años, 10 meses.

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I have created some forms in cred and when I submit, it sends an e-mail and it really does, but the problem is that I don't receive the information of the form, The only thing in the body is what I type by my self in the "Body of emails" box.

I have written:

The tittle I want


But when I receive the e-mail, the only thing I can read is "The tittle I want"

Please, let me know what 's wrong and what I have to do.

Thanks a lot.




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Hi Rafael,

Thank you for contacting our support forum.

I've tested the notification functionality on our latest version of CRED and it seems to work perfectly fine.

Could you provide me with some debug information so I can get an idea of the operating environment of your website?

Please follow the instructions in the link below to provide the debug information.



Here you have,

if you want any access to my web, please, let me know and I create one user for you.

Thank you!



I need a quick assistance, I need to finish this post forms before monday, during the weekend.

Can I have an answer soon?




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Hi Rafael,

Yes please provide me with admin access so I can take a look.

I've enabled the private fields for your next message.



How is going on??

Are you checking it?

Sorry form my hurries, but I need it to be solved as soon as possible.




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Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 2.08.52 PM.png

Hi Rafael,

I was able to check on the issue for you.

The problem is that you didnt set your generic fields to persist. Currently you have the fields set to persist:0 what is required for these fields to show up in the email is that you need to set the persist value of the generic field to 1.

Take a look at the screenshot as it shows an example of a couple fields that i've set the persist value for.




I'm going to check it, Thanks again.



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Hi Rafael,

Once you have checked and everything is ok you can mark the ticket as being resolved.



Thanks a lot,

it works perfect


One thing more, sorry,

how can I put the name of the post to be notify by email?

I have it:


and it shows:

Auto Draft

form data

Thanks. regards.