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[Resuelto] Issues with URL encoding

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Hi there,
I am trying to troubleshoot an issue I am having with a URL which is being passed to another page which contains a contact form. The Loop I am using is below:-

<div class="col-sm-4 staff-member search-results">
<a href='../contact-form/?emailto=[wpv-post-title]'>[wpv-post-featured-image size="custom" attr="class=image-size" width="156" height="208"]<br />[wpv-post-title output='raw']</a><br />[types field="position" id=""][/types]

The issue is when the Post Title (which is a persons name) contains an apostrophe, the URL returns a 403 Error.

I have tried adding output='sanitize' or output='raw' to the shortcode, but neither work. Is there a way to allow apostrophes to work in the URL?

The URL where the issue currently is – hidden link
The person in question is Yvonne O’Hara, all other links work OK.

Hope you can help.

Kind regards,



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You need to URL encode the title (which isn't an output option of the Views shortcodes), so you would likely need to create a custom shortcode for this.

You could create a specific shortcode to output the URL encoded title, or you could register a generic shortcode to encode whatever was within it, something like:

add_shortcode('urlencode', function ($atts = [], $content = null) {

    return urlencode( wpv_do_shortcode( $content ) );

which you could then use like:


Hi Nigel,

That is fabulous. Thank you so much for that.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Best regards,


My issue is resolved now. Thank you!