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[Resuelto] How can I manage container block margins in the block editor?

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Problem: I have set the margin around my Container block to 0, but I still see space between the blocks. How can I remove that space?

Solution: In this case, the space is added by the theme. Add a group block and place the containers in the same group, or add custom CSS to override the theme's styles.

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Christian, I have another issue with trying to remove gaps between containers/blocks in the editor. Please see video to see problem - enlace oculto

Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 3.15.58 PM.png

Okay I inspected the purpose-driven-website page and I can see that this margin is applied by some CSS added in a style tag called "generate-style-inline-css". I'm not exactly sure how this CSS is generated, but I assume it's coming from GeneratePress somehow. I'm attaching a composite screenshot here showing what I mean. You can see that the margin-bottom attribute from this generate-style-inline-css style tag is being applied to the block. That has nothing to do with Toolset as far as I can tell. I checked in the Customizer and didn't see this specific style added anywhere, so I'm a bit stumped.
It might be added by the theme automatically for some reason. In that case, you could override it with custom CSS, or try grouping those 2 Container block elements together in a single group block to see if the theme's margin is still applied. I'd try that first - it's worth a shot before trying to write custom CSS overrides.


The grouping appears to work ... though not a great long term solution. I will troubleshoot with Generatepress. Thank you for looking into the theme to identify the issue. Much appreciated! The Toolset team goes way above and beyond!


Great, feel free to reopen if I've overlooked some Toolset responsibility for this code.

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