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[Resuelto] Google Maps and Parametric Search

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Hi @ all,
we want to add a parametric search in combination with Google Maps. I checked out the manual on but at a certain point when it comes to the integration of the data in the loop I get stucked. Is there another more detailed and easier manual for this?
Thankyou and regards, Chris


Dear Christian,

I think you are looking for it:

Can you say me exactly what point you have a problem? Anyway the private area is enabled, I can build an example for you if you want. As soon as you fill required fields I can do that.


Hey Adriano, I followed this tutorial:
1) At point "2b. Add map data to our View" I got stuck. I don't understand where to put which code.
2) How may we style the output and the filter section? My colleague says, that it is quite complicated.

We want a member list (with pagination, if possible) for appr. 100 members combined with a google map in the upper part. Using the parametric filter section it should refresh by itself. The site we build with Headways and as far as I know bootstrap is not included/supported. So in the configmenu I did not choose a bootstrap version.

3) Do you know a plugin which transforms automatical adress data in coordinates?

Thank you very much and have a nice day!

regards, Chris



Dear Chris,

I am take caring the ticket in the absence to Adriano.

Have you create the view/template to list the View Map ? I can't find any relevant one. Please update.

With Regards



Hi Bigul, the view is the "Liste Mitglieder (Parametric Search)" The output is defined in a content box of headway on the blog index. It is the textblock 45:
<div class="clearfix">
<a class="js-map-fitbounds" href="#">Center map to view all points</a>
<div id="js-main-map-canvas" class="google-maps team-map-height">
<ul id="js-map-elements">


Do you know headway?

regards, Chris



Dear Chris,

I had a little experience with it. I will cross check it once again with the help of our developers and get back you. Please wait.

With Regards



hi Bigul - great support - I enjoy it 🙂


Hi christianK-3,

1) At point "2b. Add map data to our View" I got stuck. I don't understand where to put which code.
Please check "Map completed view" below "2b. Add map data to our View", each map data is added into each

  • tag:
    for example:

    <li data-marker-title="[wpv-post-title]"
             data-marker-lat="[types field="latitude"][/types]"
             data-marker-lon="[types field="longitude"][/types]"

    2) How may we style the output and the filter section?
    please edit your view, in both section "Filter HTML/CSS/JS" and "Layout HTML/CSS/JS", there are "Open CSS editor" button, there you can input your custom CSS style in it,
    The CSS codes, depends on how do you like it display.

    3) Do you know a plugin which transforms automatical adress data in coordinates?
    Please try Google map API:
    Geocoding is the process of converting addresses (like "1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA") into geographic coordinates (like latitude 37.423021 and longitude -122.083739), which you can use to place markers or position the map.
    hidden link

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    Hi luoy,

    thanks a lot for responding quickly! We will go on working on this topic tomorrow. Amazing the internationality of the Toolset team 🙂

    have a great day! regards, Chris


    Is this problem resolved? Please let me know if you need more assistance.


    Hi luoy, problem still resists to be solved. But we will go on working on it. You can have a look here: hidden link

    if we have more questions, we will come back here.

    have a good time!



    Please let me know if there are more questions, thanks


    Alright, hey there I'm back with another question.

    We achieved to get the map working, the markers are now on the map and everything is working fine so far, but now we got to another problem.

    The question is if it's possible to "redraw" the Google Map after an AJAX call with the parametric search? I was trying to directly acces the JS File with the Map Plugin but failed it.
    With the parametric search we filter for specific member and just want to show their location on the map, and it seems like the only way to remove the markers on the map is to fully re-create the Map with ne markers.



    Dear Christian,

    Luo is unavailable to handle this ticket for now, I will take care for you. I think you are looking for this documentation:

    Please take a look at the topic "Limiting Filter Inputs According to Available Results" and let me know if it solves your issue.


    Hey Adriano,

    no this is actually not what we're looking for. We already achieved to filter all the input and get the data we want. The main problem is to use this data now, and what I mean by that is that we use your Google Maps plugin ( and after the ajax filter call has returned the data, we want to update the map markers. We just want to have the new marker on the map and remove the old ones.
    The documentation solution didn't solved our problem.


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