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[Resuelto] Duplicate social share buttons

Este hilo está resuelto. Aquí tiene una descripción del problema y la solución.

Problem: Social sharing plugin buttons are duplicated in View results and Content Templates.

Solution: Look for a sharing plugin that offers a shortcode you can use to place the buttons. This will be more compatible than a plugin that injects the buttons automatically. Put that shortcode in a Content Template.

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Last updated by juanC-8 hace 2 años, 11 meses.

Assigned support staff: Christian Cox.

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I have a problem.

In every plugin of social buttons I use, toolset templates duplicate the container.

It happens in all the plugins I have used.

Thank you!


Yes sometimes this is a problem with the way these plugins inject their code. Some social sharing plugins provide a shortcode you can place in the Content Template, instead of automatically injecting the social sharing buttons in every post. That's usually the best option.


Thank you Christian! I'll try what you said