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[Resuelto] Create a view for Woocommerce Linked Products field.

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Problem: I would like to create a View of linked products to display on the single product template.

Solution: There's no built-in way to do this because of how WooCommerce stores linked products in a serialized data structure. A custom code solution is required.

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I've entered a few products into the WooCommerce Linked Products field for Upsells. I would now like to create a view to display these linked products on my product page.


Hi, WooCommerce stores this information in a serialized array and unfortunately Views is not designed to be able to loop over this kind of information directly. We do provide a shortcode that can be used to display upsell products on the single Product template using a standard WooCommerce format - wpv-woo-show-upsell-items. Unfortunately it is not customizable as a View. Documentation for this shortcode:

Another User shared a custom code solution that creates a shortcode you can use to generate a list of upsell product IDs. If you can produce a list of upsell product IDs with a custom shortcode, I can show you how to use that shortcode in a View to generate a View of upsell products filtered by product ID using a shortcode attribute. However, since it is custom code I can't debug problems with it. Here is the ticket with more information about this custom code:

If you're able to use this custom code to produce a list of upsell product IDs, I can show you how to use that with a Post IDs Query Filter in a View of Products. Let me know how you would like to proceed.


Ok, maybe this can be done another way. Ultimately, I'm trying to create a many to many relationship between items in the same post type (products), is this possible? Create a field, a tag or category that is populated by the list of posts (products) that I can select from to make connections? Then I could create a view of those relationships for a single product?


Unfortunately Types Post Relationships and Post Reference fields can only be established between items in different post types. It's a limitation of the currently implemented Post Relationships feature. To relate items from the same post type, a taxonomy or a custom field is required. The main difference between those two options is that taxonomies get automatically created archives, but custom field values do not. I find taxonomies to be easier to manage in wp-admin and Forms, because they implement an autosuggest field so you can begin typing and choose the term easily from a list of suggestions. Custom fields do not implement this type of field, so it makes management more difficult.
Whether you choose to use a custom taxonomy or a custom field, you can then create a View filtered by that criteria and place it on the single Product template to display a list of similar products.


My issue is resolved now. Thank you!