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[Resuelto] Container background color not appearing in page body. Using Generatepress

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Problem: When I insert, into a Page's Header element, a Content Template that was created using the Block Editor, it seems to break any backgrounds applied to that Page's contents in the Block Editor.

Solution: Update to the latest version of Blocks / Views to get the fix for this issue.

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I am trying to: Add a background color to a Toolset Container (3 containers) in Gutenberg Editor and the color is not showing on the front end ... though I am seeing it in the editor. I have recorded a video to demonstrated this issue - enlace oculto

Link to a page where the issue can be seen: enlace oculto

I expected to see: Please see video

Instead, I got: enlace oculto


Hi, I ran a quick test and wasn't able to replicate this exact issue on my local environment with the betas active, so there must be something else going on I'm not understanding. Would it be possible for me to log in, create a clone of your site, and run some additional tests locally? If so, please provide login credentials here in the private reply fields. I will install the Duplicator plugin and create that clone, then delete the plugin when I'm finished.


Okay thanks, I can see the issue clearly now. It seems to happen when you insert, into a Page's Header element, a Content Template that was created using the Block Editor. That seems to break any backgrounds applied to that Page's contents in the Block Editor. I'm going to continue to investigate this tomorrow and try to determine next steps, if this is going to be resolved in the upcoming production release of Blocks, etc. I'll update you tomorrow when I have more information.


Christian, that is very interesting. I look forward to hearing your ideas on next steps, I have one idea for a work around (adding another template to the Block Editor), though this is not ideal nor do I even know if will work. I'll wait to hear from you on what can be done, since this seems like possible bug with the new Views. Best!


I've asked my 2nd tier team to take a closer look. In additional tests I was able to determine that not only must a Content Template be inserted in the Header element, but that CT must have a container block. So it's a combination of container blocks somehow producing the issue here. I'll let you know what I find out.


Thanks Christian. For now, I am using the custom fields shortcodes in the Header Element which do not appear to be affecting the content template(s) in the Block Editor. This, of course, requires me to apply a bit of CSS to the fields in the Element, which is ok for now. I'll look forward to any updates you may have, but for now, this seems like the best workaround to me. Also, it would be nice if Toolset Content Templates could be applied to select pages and posts with include/exclude settings (like many other page builders). Right now it seems like you can only apply a template to ALL pages or NONE. Being able to refine this would be super useful, and would actually allow me to bypass the Element Header in Generatepress all together.


Christian, I have another issue with trying to remove gaps between containers/blocks in the editor. Please see video to see problem - enlace oculto

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Okay I split that question about margins into a separate ticket so we can follow up in more detail. As far as your suggestion to improve the Content Template assignment system, you know you can assign a Content Template to all posts in a specific post type, then assign different Content Templates individually if you'd like. But it sounds like you want more control using flexible rules, like the Header Elements in GP premium. If you'd like to see something like that implemented in the software, I encourage you to submit your request here:

This will put your suggestion in front of our management team, who decide which features to include in future updates of the software.


Hi, our developers have informed me that the issue with container background color should be resolved in the latest updates of Views and Blocks. Please update to the latest versions (Views 3.1.1, Blocks 1.1.1) and let me now if the problem is not completely resolved.


My issue is resolved now. Thank you!

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