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Types Shortcodes used as ID Attribute values are not executed in Forms notifications


Reported for: Toolset Forms 2.1.2

Resolved in: 2.2


In the email notifications sent by Toolset Forms, Types shortcodes used as ID attributes of other shortcodes (usually, the Views ones), are not executed. Instead, they are printed as shortcodes.

For example, the following shortcode syntax:

[wpv-user field="your_field" id="[ types field='types_field' output='raw'] [/types]"] [ wpv-user field="your_other_field" id="[types field='types_field' output='raw'][/types]"] from [wpv-post-title id="[types field='another_types_field' output='raw'][/types]"]

Results in the following output:

[/types]"] [/types]"] from test message[/types]"]


This will be fixed in the next Views Release. For now, you can apply the following custom code snippet:

add_filter( 'toolset_the_content_basic_formatting', 'prefix_toolset_preprocess_shortcodes', 5 );

function prefix_toolset_preprocess_shortcodes( $content ) {
    if ( ! is_callable( array( 'WPV_Frontend_Render_Filters', 'pre_process_shortcodes' ) ) ) {
        return $content;

    $content = WPV_Frontend_Render_Filters::pre_process_shortcodes( $content );

    return $content;

You can add this snippet to your theme’s functions.php or using the Custom code tab on the Toolset -> Settings page.

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