Toolset Edit Forms loaded in a layout will not display if the post has a Content Template assigned


Reported for: Toolset Blocks 1.0

Topic Tags: Toolset Blocks


Using Toolset Views and Layouts, you can easily put a Toolset Edit Post form inside a Toolset layout and link to that Edit Form from a Content Template, which is assigned to your posts.

Clicking the “edit link” will then successfully lead to the Edit Form displayed using the layout.

However, using Toolset Blocks, clicking the “edit link” will not show the form. Instead, it will keep showing the actual post.


This happens only with Toolset Blocks so currently, you could switch to Toolset Views as a temporary solution.

In the future, we will try to adjust this so Blocks will not overwrite Edit Forms in layouts if a Content Template is assigned to the same content. It is generally not suggested to mix Blocks and Layouts, but for legacy compatibility reasons, we will try to amend these changes.

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