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Customizr Pro theme is not recognized by the integration plugin


Reported for: Toolset Customizr Integration 1.2

Resolved in: Toolset Customizr Integration 1.2.1


Toolset Customizr integration plugin does not recognize the paid version of Customizr theme (a.k.a. Customizr Pro).


Until the new version is available, please download this file, extract it and use it to overwrite the existing file in your website’s ../plugins/layouts-customiser/ location.

Please remember to make a backup before doing this.

3 thought on Customizr Pro theme is not recognized by the integration plugin

  • Hey this is really frustrating, I still get the message “The integration of Layouts with the Customizr theme has failed: Theme Customizr is not active.” Even reseted the whole page but no improvement. Very dissapointing.

    • Hi @markusm-2,

      Sorry for this incovinience, I am checking it again and hopefully this will be released very soon. In the meanwhile, can you please confirm that you were able to extract the above mentioned patch and replaced “integration-loader.php” with existing file in “../plugins/layouts-customiser/” folder of your site?

    • I did but customizr is not working. The thing that is as much frustrating is trying to install a reference site without being stuck in an endless loop of the message that the framework installer has to reload. Lots of time wasted. But I’ll give it another trial.

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