On your listing, directory, and classifieds sites, you need to allow your visitors to submit content. For example, they may need to submit an advertisement, guest post, review, property listing or any other type of content.


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In our example, we will allow tourist guides to submit a new Tour on our travel site.

To create a new form, go to Toolset -> Dashboard and click on the Create form button.

The basic form and its options are automatically generated and you are taken to the form editing page. There, you will find the following sections:

    1. Form settings: Define if the form will create new content or edit existing content. In our example, we select Add new content and make sure that the Post Type connected to the form is Tours. We can also define the status of each submitted post as published, pending review, etc.

      Form Settings
      Form Settings

    2. Content of the form, automatically generated by Toolset:

      Auto-generated Form
      Auto-generated Form

    3. E-mail notifications and Action messages: Add your own notifications and send emails to users.

      Notifications and messages.

    4. Access Control: Toolset features an additional plugin called Access which allows you to control who can see the form or submit data. You can learn more about this at the page dedicated to controlling access to sites built using WPBakery Page Builder and Toolset.

Controlling who can see your content with Access

Inserting a Toolset front-end form using WPBakery Page Builder

You can insert a form into your page, your post or any other template, using a Text Block or any other Element.

  1. Follow the steps below to insert a cred form using a Text Block:
    a. Insert a Text Block.
    b. Click on the Toolset Forms button.

    Toolset Forms button
    Toolset Forms button

    c. Insert the form of your choice.

    Selecting the right form
    Selecting the right form

    d. The shortcode is inserted.

    Shortcode inserted in the text block.
    Shortcode inserted in the text block.


That’s it! Now, your form will appear on a page you designed using WPBakery Page Builder.

What’s next?

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Need help?

If you need assistance with using Toolset in combination with WPBakery Page Builder, please visit our professional support forum dedicated to this topic.