When you add an Address field to a Toolset form you allow visitors to type in an address or select their position from the map.

Address field in a Toolset form
Address field in a Toolset form

Typing-in the address or pointing on the map

In some cases, users submit content related to a specific location. For example, when submitting an advertisement for a real estate property, they will manually input its location by typing-in the related address.

Typing-in an address manually
Typing-in an address manually

When users type-in the address, a marker appears on the map and they can drag-and-drop it to fine-tune the location, if needed. In this case, the location appears as coordinates and they can click the Use this address button to turn the coordinates into an actual address.

Selecting “Use my location”

There are scenarios which require users to submit their own current location. For example, you might want to log where the submitted post originates from or check if the user’s location is close to a certain place of interest (e.g. “check in”).

When users click the Use my location link, a browser pop-up dialog will ask them to allow passing their location to Google Maps. They need to agree to this, otherwise, the Address field will be left empty.

Submitting the current user's location
Submitting the current user’s location

Once the field obtains the user’s location they can click to refresh the map. Clicking the Use this address field will turn the coordinates into an actual address.