Most themes offer some widget sidebars by default. Layouts provides an easy way to extend widget areas by using the Widget Area cell. You can create new, edit existing and manage widget areas from the Layouts editor page.

To add a new widget area to a layout, insert a Widget Area cell.

Create a new cellInsert a Widget Area cell
Create a new cellInsert a Widget Zone cell

You have the option to create a new widget area or add an existing one.

Create a new widget areaSelect an existing widget area

New widget areas created from this dialog will also be listed on the default WordPress Widgets page. You can use it like any other and add widgets to it.

These widgets are rendered on the front-end, on the pages that have this Layout assigned.

The widget area in the WordPress Widgets pageThe widget area on the front-end
Widgets pageWidgets on the frontend

Editing a Widget Area

If you need to rename or delete a widget area, open the Widget Area cell that contains it and click Edit/Delete Selected Area. This takes you to that widget area’s editing page.

Button to edit or delete selected widget area
Button to edit or delete selected widget area