Toolset Blocks is our new plugin that allows you to use WordPress Block Editor for designing all your Toolset templates. It is currently in beta and you can use this page to learn about the current known issues. We will update this page regularly during the beta.

Toolset beta integration with the WordPress Block Editor is now in a stable stage. This means you can start creating sites with it and all future Toolset updates will continue to work with block designs you create from now on.

Currently Known Issues

Here are some issues that we are aware of and we are already working on fixing:

  • If you have a Content Template with a View that lists posts related to the one the template is currently displaying, on the backend, this View will list only one non-related post. On the front-end, however, the View display related posts correctly.

Using Toolset Blocks in combination with Toolset Layouts

If you are testing Toolset Blocks on a site that already uses Toolset Layouts, existing template layouts will be the ones used to render the content on the front-end.

This means Layouts will override any Content Templates you create using Toolset Blocks and the Block Editor.

The only way around this is to stop using Layouts on the content you want to design with the Block Editor.

However, if you have content which is not yet using template layouts, simply go to the Toolset Content Template page and create a regular Content Template for that content and start designing it using blocks. You can still use Layouts for other parts of your site if needed.