When it comes to moving or copying data from one site to another you need the right tool for the right job. Here we describe exporting and importing Toolset structures and settings—custom post type definitions, the templates to display them, forms to publish them etc.—using the Toolset export and import utilities.

Toolset includes utilities to transfer components and settings between sites, available at the page Toolset -> Export / Import.

There you will find separate utilities for each Toolset plugin.

Screenshot of export & import settings

The Types utilities will, for example, export and import Types data structures, namely custom post type definitions, custom field groups, and custom taxonomies, as well as post relationship settings. This does not copy the content itself.

The Views utility will export and import settings for Views, Content Templates, and custom WordPress Archives.

The Forms utility will separately export and import Post Forms and their settings and Forms user forms with their settings.

The Access utility will export and import all Access settings.

The Layouts utility will export and import settings for Template and Archive Layouts. Content Layouts (where you use Layouts to design an individual post or page) are stored in the post body and may need special handling, which is described separately below.


From the Toolset -> Export / Import page, choose the required plugin and use the export button to download a zipped archive containing the relevant data.

All settings for the given plugin will be exported. When you import the file on another site you can choose whether to import all of the data or only some of it.

From the page Toolset -> Export / Import choose the required plugin, and select the file to import.

Each plugin has settings which determine whether to import all of the data, whether to overwrite settings that already exist, and whether to retain or delete existing elements and settings if they are not included in the import file.

Upon completion a summary dialog will detail the content that was imported.


You can also bundle functionality from across Toolset plugins into modules to re-use across different sites, using our Module Manager plugin.

Content Layouts

When you use the Layouts editor to design individual posts and pages with a Content Layout this is stored in the post body itself. Duplicating a Content Layout on another site means exporting then importing the post content using the standard WordPress tools.

In some circumstances you may find you cannot edit the Content Layout on the new site. To remedy this, edit the relevant post or page in the original site using the Content Layout editor.

Press the small button shown in the screenshot which will open the Layout Storage dialog.

Layout storage button

Copy the contents of this dialog and paste into the same section on the new site and Save.

This will correctly transfer the settings for the Content Layout to the new site so that it can be edited as normal.