Toolset allows you to control who has access to the different types of content that you create with Divi and in general. For this, you need only install the Toolset Access plugin and configure it accordingly.

Once installed, you can use the Access plugin from the Toolset -> Access Control page.

Control access to the content of your Divi pages

With Toolset, you can add text inside your page’s contents and control who can see it. This allows you to place text that only certain user roles will see.

You can use this feature with Divi’s Text module:

  1. Click to insert the Text module into your page.
  2. Click the ACCESS button.

Toolset Access button in the Divi Text Module

  1. Use the dialog that appears to enter the text that should be displayed to users with specific user roles and select the roles in questions.

Dialog to select options for the conditionally displayed text

  1. Finally, click the Insert shortcode button and your text will be inserted into the Text module.

Based on the options you selected, only specific user roles will be able to see the text you entered.

Control access to your front-end forms

As mentioned on the page about creating front-end forms, you can specify which types of user can see and use the front-end forms you create using Toolset.

For example, forms for submitting new posts are, by default, accessible by everyone, including guests. However, you might want to limit this to logged-in users only.

Visit our documentation page to read more about controlling access to front-end forms.

Limit the access to specific content

You can easily limit the access to specific pages. This is done by creating an access group and specifying which user roles belong to it. Then, you can give access permission to a specific page to this particular group only.

For example, one would definitely want to limit access to a members-only page.

Visit our documentation page to read more about limiting access to specific content.

Control access to standard and custom post types

Toolset allows you to set who can access your posts, pages, and custom post types on the front-end. This includes controlling the access to comments.

Naturally, you can also select what to display when access is denied.

Visit our documentation page to read more about controlling the access to your content.

Control access to custom fields

As we’ve seen in the first part of this guide, Toolset allows you to add any number of custom fields to your post types. With Access, you can also control who can see these fields and who can modify them.

Visit our documentation page to read more about controlling the access to fields.