We have introduced subjects in the previous pages to show you some of the things you can do with Toolset, and you can read about these in more detail at the links below.


Views pagination – splitting content into pages

Adding pagination to custom WordPress Archives


Creating sliders with Types and Views

Displaying sliders in different parts of the site

Conditional Output

Conditional HTML Output in Views

Checking Types Fields and Custom Fields

Checking fields and other elements for Empty/Non-empty Values

Displaying taxonomies conditionally

Using shortcodes in conditions

Using custom functions in conditions


Re-using the same View

Passing Arguments to Views

Post relationships

Creating Post Type Relationships

Creating and Displaying Many-to-Many Post Relationships

Querying and Displaying Child Posts

Displaying Related Child Posts

Displaying Brother Pages

Displaying Fields of Parent Pages

Displaying Fields of Grandparents

Styling the output and adding custom CSS

Views Output Formats – Bootstrap, Table, Grid, Ordered and Un-Ordered Lists

Displaying content using grids

Adding custom CSS to Views

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