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[Geschlossen] wpv-woo-buy-or-select > link_to_product_text not working

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When I use this:

[wpv-woo-buy-or-select add_to_cart_text="" link_to_product_text=""]

WooCommerce is using it's own buttons texts, and this is working.

However, if I want to overwrite the link_to_product_text, it is not doing anything.
When I overwrite add_to_cart_text, it also overwrites the link_to_product_text with the same, but that's not how it should act because it should be different texts.

Can you solve this?

Kind regards,



Dear Willem,

Can I see your site? I wanted to see this happening on your site. The private area is enabled.


Here you go. Staging site.


See content template 'Catalog product'.


Dear Willem,

Why can't I save a Content Template in your site? When I try then nothing happens.


Hi, that's because of this topic, You need to disable WooCommerce Multilingual, then open views content template in new tab of your browser. Than in your other tab you can activate WooCommerce Multilingual again. Leave the tab of the content template open and you can save it all the time again. Stupid workaround, but it works ;-).


Dear Willem,

I see the problem now. It looks like a bug. I will let our development team aware about this. So, you will be notified in case we build a patch before an official release. Thank you for reporting that, closing it now.


Dear Willem,

I checked this using our latest stable versions(Types 1.5.7, Views 1.6.1 and WooCommerce Views 2.1) along with latest WC 2.1.12. And it seems to be working properly.

The shortcode allows customization of two parameters which is meant for two different WoCommerce products (simple and variation):

[wpv-woo-buy-or-select add_to_cart_text="" link_to_product_text=""]

The "add_to_cart_text" is meant to customizing the add to cart button that will work only for simple products. While "link_to_product_text" is meant for customizing variation products button in the loop. For example, say I have two simple products and one variation product( see screenshot products.jpg). And then I would like to display the product title and action button in the View loop with this:

    <!-- wpv-loop-start -->
          [wpv-post-title]: [wpv-woo-buy-or-select add_to_cart_text="" link_to_product_text=""]
          <br />
    <!-- wpv-loop-end -->
        [wpml-string context="wpv-views"]<strong>No items found</strong>[/wpml-string]

Take note that wpv-woo-buy-or-select is not having any parameter set. It will use the WC default text.See the output of this shortcode with the screenshot: default_wc_button_text.jpg

And then if I customize their button text as follows:

[wpv-woo-buy-or-select add_to_cart_text="Click me now" link_to_product_text="Click this select button"]

You can see that the variation button uses the link_to_product_text while the add to cart text uses its own respective button. I also tested by only assigning the add_to_cart_text parameter while using the default link_to_product_Text and vice versa. Its working well.

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