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[Geschlossen] Widget Title bug

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Last updated by Matthew vor 10 Jahre, 10 Monate.

Assigned support staff: Mario.


Just installed views 0.95 and think I have found a bug in the Views Widget.

When you enter a plain text title into the widget title field, it renders invalid HTML.

I enter a widget title of "MyWidgetTitle" and click save
What comes out on the front-end of the website is "<a href=MyWidgetTitle</a>"

Some thoughts:
I would love for the views widget to be more fully developed. For now what I've been doing is using an HTML and PHP widget and calling my views with
<?php echo do_shortcode( '[wpv-view name="MyViewTitle"]' ) ?>

This gives me a lot more flexibility than the current WP-Views Widget. Unfortunately its not very user friendly for my editors.

Thanks for your dedicated maintenance to this plugin. I look forward to the continued development and growth of wp-views. Huge potential here.


Hi Matt,

Widget title is not URL seeded normally so if you set a title as a plain text, it is wrapped inside of a heading tag or other theme-related one. We don't do any formatting or display management for the specific widget.

As for the restriction, what else would you need in addition to the list with views to be displayed in a widget?



Thanks Mario. I don't have time to investigate the url seeding problem so I'm just gonna stick with my work around method. Also, I'm lazy 🙂

Re: Widget features. Some things that I would use if they were available:

A simple, lamen interface for linking the widget-title to a custom url.

A field for adding static text/links above or below the view.

Max number of posts to display. The pagination method for doing this is clumsy.

HERE's AN IDEA: A tool that allowed you to add/edit custom view widgets and add/edit custom fields to each individual widget... that would be AWESOME. I would widgetize my entire theme and put view widgets everywhere!

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