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[Gelöst] Which Date Format to update Date Field

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Assistiert von: Luo Yang.



i have made a post form with Formidable which have a Date field and is not compatible to Custom Fields made with Types. But i have to update my Types Field and have much Problems here so i hope anyone can help.

What i have figured out is that Toolset Types saves the date in Unix format. So with help from the formidable devlopers i have this code now. This will adjust the date format before that custom field (from formidable) is saved.
But the Problem here is furthermore not working and i get wrong values like 01/04/1970 in Types Field.

add_filter( 'frm_new_post', 'create_a_custom_field', 10, 2 );

function create_a_custom_field( $post, $args ) {

  $field_id = 102; // change 25 to the id of the field to draw from

  if ( isset( $_POST['item_meta'][ $field_id ] ) ) {

    $field_value = sanitize_text_field( $_POST['item_meta'][ $field_id ] );

    $post['post_custom']['wpcf-startzeit-produkttests'] = gmdate( 'timestamp', $field_value ); // uncomment to save a different date format and change 'custom_field_name_here'


  return $post;


Please Help


Dear mirjana,

According to our Customer Support Policy, we do not provide custom codes support:

I am not familiar with the Formidable plugin, I assume the Formidable plugin is passing the POST parameter for date field, like this:
2009-02-15 (Y-m-d)

You can try to modify your PHP codes, for example, replace this line, from:

$post['post_custom']['wpcf-startzeit-produkttests'] = gmdate( 'timestamp', $field_value );


$date = DateTime::createFromFormat('Y-m-d', $field_value);
$post['post_custom']['wpcf-startzeit-produkttests'] = $date->getTimestamp();

More help:
versteckter Link


Hi Yang,

sorry this is also not working (try´d just now). I think you misunderstood this, this code should adjust the date format before that custom field (from formidable) is saved.
So what i need is the right date format for wp-types custom field, so the date will be accepted from wp-types custom field wenn form is saved.


Hi Yang,

sorry its working.

I make something wrong. Sure you where right with this 🙂

Thank You

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