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[Geschlossen] Views within Views a.k.a. "Child Views" – possible bug?

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I'm building a site using a Post-view within a Taxonomy-view — very similar to your magazine demo site. I have found that when I try to add my post-view within the taxonomy-view by clicking "add field", then selecting my post-view, the necessary shortcode is not automatically added to the Meta HTML.

In other words, in order to get a child view setup functioning, I am forced to manually enter '[wpv-view name="My Post listing View"]' into the Meta Html.

Now that I know that, its not such a big deal — but I spent 3 hrs troubleshooting before I found the problem. Hope this saves someone else the trouble.


Hi Matthew,

Thanks for the info. We were aware of this bug and it's been fixed in the 0.9.5 beta release.

Best regards,


Works like a charm


Hi Matthew,

It should work and it's definitely fixed in 0.9.5. Did you update the Views plugin (maybe you updated Types instead).

Best regards,

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