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[Gelöst] Using Genesis SEO settings in Custom Post Type

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How to use the Genesis SEO settings with Types Custom Post Types?

You can use the Genesis API for this, as it's not a toolset related problem

This here will add the Custom Post type created with Types to the genesis SEO:

add_post_type_support( 'cpt-slug', 'genesis-seo' )



with the slug of your post type where to you want to add Genesis SEO.

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I would like to use standard Genesis feature for Pages and Posts - SEO Settings. I would like to have possibilty to edit Document Title, Meta Description and others with CPT.
How to insert this feature into editing window of CPT?


If the Theme hooks those features only into WordPress native Posts, I do not see any method to pass them into Types Custom Posts.

Maybe genesis has a function that we can hook to the Types CPT filters, but I do not know this as we do not produce Genesis.

Maybe Genesis has a setting where to include those features so you can choose what post types to apply it to?


I have found this in Genesis forum:

"If you want the genesis_post_meta filter to work with CPTs, you have to inlcude

add_post_type_support( 'cpt', 'genesis-entry-meta-after-content' )

somewhere during the init process. Change 'cpt' to the slug o your post type."

Is that what should I do? Where to include it?


In your functions.php file.

cpt has to be replaced with the Slug of the Types Post Type.

That should then add the Genesis Feature to the Types Post Type.


Great, thank you.


for others: the right code is

add_post_type_support( 'cpt-slug', 'genesis-seo' )

Change 'cpt-slug' to the slug of your post type.