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[Gelöst] Toolset woocommerce shop layouts funky in generate press theme

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Sidebar is not displaying on Shop/Product page, but displaying properly on Single product page.

1. Add the sidebar using Layouts cell, go to Layout >> Add Widget Cell >> Insert Sidebar.
2. Apply the Layout on Shop/Product page.

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I am trying use toolset primarily for the shop part of generate press themed site. I followed your tutorials and instructions for "priming" the theme for toolset. I've created single product layout and shop layout by importing both your related modules and implementing them pretty much as they are.

The single product page is ok (though layout not as nice as with your tutorial, I guess that is just the theme) but the shop page is really not working well with the theme. It cannot load into the content area properly, the main container seems odd and without the background colour, also if I allow the theme to have sidebars, and attempt to load just in the content area it overrides the sidebars and takes the whole area, again without backgroud etc ( I know that keeping the theme sidebars is not recommended as part of your but it works fine for single product, and I'd have thought it should work ok in theory, and I would quite like to in order to benefit from certain Generate Press settings, and save time. it also maybe helps locate the problem? )

You can see the problem by looking at the shop page

I've tried resetting wordpress and starting again, with the same result.

I wondered if it is because of the css loaded when I imported your premade module? Should I have unticked that?

Any help gratefully appreciated.




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Hi Ben,

Thank you for contacting Toolset support. I have checked your site and saw that sidebar is displaying on Single product page. Can you please confirm that you want to display sidebar on Shop page? If yes, then please provide me FTP login details and I will try to display sidebar by modifying php file.

I have enabled private message box.

The design of your shop page is following your theme style, if you want to style (for example background color) your shop page then we can add CSS for this, please provide any example of this too.

I wondered if it is because of the css loaded when I imported your premade module? Should I have unticked that?
-- Not entirely sure if that’s the case here but you can try to remove our CSS and see if it makes things better.

Thank you


Ok, so I think I can actually rule out the theme (Genreate Press) being the main issue here. I've installed and tried switching themes to no avail.

Switched to using the woocommerce mystyle theme, same problems.

In toolset>Woocommerce views: Using the default wordpress archive template, side bars remain (layout still very odd)
In toolset>Woocommerce views: Using the wordpress views archive template, side bars are overriden and layout does not respect content area at all.

Any ideas?



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Ok I am going to do some tests here for this at my end and will update you accordingly.

Thank you for waiting on this.


OK, thank you. I'll leave site alone for now.



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I have added the sidebar using Layouts cell >> then style it same as theme’s sidebar using CSS, now shop page is looking good: versteckter Link

The updated CSS is added under Toolset >> Layouts CSS and JS section:
versteckter Link

I hope issue is solved now. Thanks


Thanks Norman, that certainly looks spot on, and no longer funky!

I'll have a good look tomorrow and test a couple of things, and will get back and mark issue resolved if all good. One thing I wondered at this stage is why it isn't or doesn't seem possible to work with the sites/themes own sidebars, and just load the shop layout into the content area, it would be good to understand that for further use.

Many thanks though, really appreciate your help.



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okay sure you can check it further and confirm.

We are refactoring Layouts plugin to better handle such cases for pages, posts and archives. For WC Archives the layout still is applied to whole page (which is unlike than normal posts and pages content). And Generatepress special integration is also going on these days, you will see beta version of Layouts with Page Option settings and other news about this in few days so you can subscribe on our blog for updates:



Ok, thanks, and I now understand how you got there. Managed to reproduce for product archives with sidebar on the other side thanks to your example.

Glad is wasn't just me struggling with trying to get it to work inside the Generate Press Theme and use the Theme's sidebars.

I look forward to the upcoming "Page Option settings" in layouts, which hopefully will allow what i originally wanted to achieve, although I do quite like the "Toolset" way a little more now. 🙂

Thanks very much for all your help, really appreciated.


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