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[Gelöst] This form cannot edit users with a role of konsultant

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Last updated by Waqar vor 2 Jahre, 6 Monate.

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I am trying to:
Build users form to edit a profile.

Link to a page where the issue can be seen:
hidden link

I expected to see:
I expect to have data seved

Instead, I got:
This form cannot edit users with a role of konsultant

I check all places and everywere "konsultant" user have full access but still I cannot save date on "konsultant" form profile



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Screenshot 2019-06-28 at 15.13.03.png

Check the form itself. User edit forms require you to specify the roles of the users that the form can edit (screenshot).

I expect the most likely explanation would be that the user role is not checked here, even though you might have set up Access permissions to allow the konsultant role to see the form.


I would upload movie how it works, but it is blocked. Morover I have toolset on other site and there is no problem to set this form.

When I have marked "konsultant" (file 1 in attachment) then I have error, but when I unmark it then it works, but there is no way to edit form (screenshot 2), and after I switch on "konsultant" again form is clear.

If you could chceck it by yourself I would be thankfull. Here is access:
{private info removed}

Can you help me fix this?


I am also sending to you details of "konsultant" so that you can login and see problem with saving data:
{private info removed}


at the moment I have bought "User Registration & User Profile – Profile Builder" plugin and probobly will use it to set users profile correctly. So please freeze this ticket for a moment



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Hi Pawel,

Nigel will be away on vacations until next week, so I'll be following up on this ticket.

This ticket will be open for the next few weeks, in case you need to share any update.

For a new question/concern, please open a new ticket.