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[Gelöst] Rotate Sideway Images in Cred Forms

Dieser Thread wurde gelöst. Hier ist eine Beschreibung des Problems und der Lösung.

Users often upload sideways images in Toolset Forms, is it possible to rotate them before submitting the form?

It is on our to-do list to use the built-in WP Media Uploader for uploading images from forms, which allows for image editing before uploading, amongst other benefits.


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Last updated by Ronald E vor 4 Jahre, 3 Monate.

Assigned support staff: Nigel.


Users submit content via CRED and don't have access to the back-end and you want the ability to be able to rotate the image prior to submission. All verticfal images upload sideways.



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Hi Ronald

We have an existing feature request to use the WordPress media uploader in CRED forms.

We intend to adopt it, but I can't say when, there are some other feature in Forms that have priority right now that are being currently worked on.

Nevertheless, I'm passing this on to the person responsible for feature requests to add your vote.


Thanks Nigel. I attached my workaround UI Hack. 🙂

I send users to this site to rotate their images.
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