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[Gelöst] Re-use custom content type on different blogposts and pages

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Reading the docs I start to believe what I want is not possible, so let me verify this.

I have the normal content types everybody has: posts and pages.
In some of the post and pages I want to display a list of affiliate links, so most of these links will be displayed on multiple posts and/or pages.

First, I created a custom content type: Affiliate links. This custom content type only needs a title + custom field, the URL. This way, I created several links:

- link 1;
- link 2;
- link 3;
- link 4;
- link 5.

Now, on blogpost 1, I need to display link 1, 3 and 5.
On blogpost 2, I need to display link 2, 3 and 4.
On page 1, I need to display link 2 and 5.

Etcetera... I think you get the idea.

Is this possible?

Kind regards,



Hi, I think I figured it out but the Redirection plugin is causing problems, already mentioned before here for example:

> I see redirection has a github page, what do you want me to say to them so they can solve this compatibililty issue with wp-types?
> is there a redirection plugin I can use togehter with wp-types (many-to-many relationsships)?

Kind regards,



Ok, without the redirection plugin activated and working on my staging area, I still don't manage after several houres to get the many - many relationsship working > it still outputs 'no results'. Please see my images to check if I did something wrong.


Got it, used wrong filter.