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[Gelöst] Need to reload browser to see result after saving field

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Last updated by filipV-3 vor 4 Jahre, 2 Monate.

Assigned support staff: Luo Yang.


Hi Luo,

in addition to your following fix:
Q1) However, it's not possible to edit the entry in that same form afterwards. I change the choice, press 'submit', and while it gives a success popup, the entry is still the same old one...
The PHP codes only works for CRED form(id 800), if you need to apply same function to other CRED form, for example: you will need to modify the PHP codes, from:
if ($form_data['id']==800){
if (in_array($form_data['id'], array(800, 838))){ // here you can add more CRED form ID into the array

--> this worked perfectly, thanks! However, after editing the cred form, the result of that field isn't seen (the whole field isn't seen actually) until i reload the browser. Many users will not expect to have to reload the browser and will think it didn't save correctly. /account-details/
Is there a known fix to this problem, please?
Kind regards


Hi Filip,

I'm going to assign this ticket to Luo as well.


Luo Yang

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Dear Filip,

Are you using option "AJAX submission" in the CRED form?
If it is, please edit the CRED form, disable the option "AJAX submission", the after user submits the CRED form, it will be able to reload the browser automatically.


Dear Luo, that was indeed the right fix, thanks!