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[Geschlossen] Need help getting a system created with toolset – where to start?!

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Hello Pawel, how are you doing?

I come here because I have a project and I don't know where to start.
I just need a direction and advice.

What I need:

Admin: can add/edit "Instructors" and "Students" (I have set up both post types and the relationship)
Instructors: can add/edit his own "Students", print certificates,...

My problem is that the "Instructor" must be a user that can login to the site to manage the "students" but I don't know how I could make a "Instructor" a User-Role and at the same time a Post type. Instructors must be searchable and have taxonomies.

Any suggestion?


Hi Gregor,

Pawel isn't working for the company anymore. I'll give my best to assist you.

We've done the exact same thing on our Classifieds site. The best way to do that is by connecting the User Post Type and User through a custom field. So you add a custom field for User ID in the Instructor post type which should store the ID of the right WordPress User.

Now you can create a View to list only students related to the current logged instructor, pretty easy:

1. Create a View that loop Instructors and call that View Instructor
2. Add a filter by that custom field that stores the ID of the user and select the option "Shortcode attribute", you can call the attribute as user_id
3. Create a new View that loop Students and call that View Students
4. Add a filter by Post Relationship and select the option "Post with ID set by the shortcode attribute" and give the attribute a name of instructor_id
5. Now style the Output of that View in the way you want to display the list of students related to the current logged Instructor
6. Now open the Instructor View
7. Call the Student View inside of the Instructor loop like this:

      [wpv-view name="Students" instructor_id="[wpv-post-field name="wpcf-user_id"]"]

You are saying that you want to show only students that are children of the current Instructor post
8. Finally create a new Page and add the Instructor View like this:

      [wpv-view name="Instructor" user_id="[wpv-current-user info="id"]"]

Please let me know if you are satisfied with my reply and any other questions you may have.


Adriano Ferreira


Hello Adriano, thanks a lot for the detailed reply!!!

I will try that and come back to you if I have any questions or problems.

Thanks again!!


Hello Adriano, back here faster than I hoped or wished 😉

First I added a new Custom field to my CTP "Instructors" called "instructor_id" and created the view (1) for instructor called "View Instructor"...

Now I try to setup the filer (2) for the view.

In "Select what to filter by:" I have chosen "custom field - wpcf-instructor_id" correct?
In "Comparison function:" I have set "=" and "numeric" (instructor_id is a numeric field !?)
than "Shortcode attribute" and next " ? ? ? ? " <-- I tried "user_id" here but I get an error: "Only lowercase letters and numbers allowed as shortcode attributes"

It looks like I am really lost here! - already 🙁



Hi Gregor,

You are in the right way! It was my mistake, the shortcode attribute value should be like userid, instead of user_id. Only lowercase letters and numbers are allowed.

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