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[Geschlossen] Many to Many Relationships

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Last updated by Brent vor 11 Jahre, 6 Monate.


This is what I'm trying to do:

I have created a CPT called "On Tap" and one called "Beers". Both of these have custom field groups.

I have also set-up a custom taxonomy called "Beer List" which is attached to both of the CPT's above.

I have 2 pages that I am displaying this content on: On Tap and Rate It.

On the "On Tap" page I need to create a view that will return all my "On Tap" posts and also return a List of "Beers" that are associated with each. This is where I'm having trouble.

So according to this example:
(Select the same listing for the song-album combination. Now, you can query which songs belong to which album using this taxonomy.)

How would I set up my views structure to accomplish this on my On Tap page? What would be the views query settings?

Here's the page that i'm working on, I think I'm close to making it work.

hidden link

Right now if you click on one of the "See whats on tap" buttons, a list of beers appear but It is not filtering them per On Tap location which I need it to do.

The Rate It page will just return Beers with the ability to sort by custom taxonomies and rate beers..I think I got this page.

Please help.




Is hidden link using a View to display the items and when you click on "what's on tap" it's showing an additional View?

Then you second View should select taxonomy the same as the parent View.

Best regards,


Yes That's correct.

The "what's on tap" additional View is using this query and filter.

Beers, ordered by post date, descending Beer Listing , selected by the parent view.

Beer Listing is my custom taxonomy, Not sure if this is correct?

The parent View is using this query which is where my problem is I think because it's not really filtering by a taxonomy in this view.

On Tap, ordered by post date, descending Beer Listing the same as the current page -this doesn't work?

So how can I query the On Tap posts, and filter by the taxonomy "Beer Listing" in the parent View?

Thanks for the all the help, just trying to wrap my brain around it!


Bruce your the Man!

So this is how I solved it:

A View , within a View, within a View.

The innermost child view is using this:
Beers, ordered by post date, descending
Beer Listing , selected by the parent view.

The child View is using this:
On Tap, ordered by post date, descending
Beer Listing , selected by the parent view.

The parent View is this:
This View selects Taxonomy of type Beer Listing, ordered by Name, descending.

I just needed to add the parent taxonomy view.

This is great! Now I can create a beer only once and associate it with as many On Tap locations as I need without any parent/child limitations.

Thanks again Bruce and all of you who helped me work this out!

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