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[Gelöst] Many many relationsship + redirection problem

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Last updated by willem-siebeS vor 8 Jahre, 1 Monat.

Assigned support staff: Adriano.


Hi, this is already mentioned here:, but this ticket is now 'resolved'. Don't know if I did it or you, but this problem is still there:

The Redirection plugin is causing problems, already mentioned before here for example:

> I see redirection has a github page, what do you want me to say to them so they can solve this compatibililty issue with wp-types?
> is there a redirection plugin I can use togehter with wp-types (many-to-many relationsships)?

Kind regards,



Hi Willem,

The problem there is that it uses non standard WordPress tables. The only way to integrate it with Toolset, is fixing that issue by utilizing native WordPress tables, such as: posts, postmeta, etc.

Sorry, but I don't know any redirection plugin which works with Toolset.

Please let me know if you are satisfied with my reply and any other questions you may have.


Adriano Ferreira


Ok, I did test several redirection plugins, I needed:

- to be able to add 302 redirects for my affiliate links;
- need it to be compatible with many-to-many relationships for wp-types.

1) SEO Redirection Plugin

- it creates non standard wordpress tables in the database, however that does not seem to cause any problem for the many-to-many relationship in wp-types. The difference with the Redirection plugin is that this plugin does not automatically adds 301 redirects, which Redirection plugin does!! So this function of Redirection plugin is causing the problems I think:

>>> Automatically add a 301 redirection when a post's URL changes <<<
See there plugin page:

So in this SEO Redirection Plugin you stay in control, which seems not to cause any problems. However, the PRO plugin of this DOES automaticcally add 301 redirect, if this is causing problems again no idea because not tested this.

2) Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin

- really unfriendly userinterface
- and I can not create 302 redirect for my affiliate links;
- it does safe their data in standard wordpress tables > wp_options, which seems to be good when reading the reply from Adriano.

3) Safe Redirect Manager

- really simple interface of one page with same look as adding new posts/pages;
- can create my 302 redirects ;
- saves data in standard wp tabel wp_options and wp_postmeta;
- no possibility in posts/pages to easily add a redirect;
- limited to 500 redirects, but can be solved using a filter in functions.php, see

My choise for now is the Safe Redirect Manager.




The explenation of why they are good (from Safe Redirection Manager itself):

Easily and safely manage your site's redirects the WordPress way. There are many redirect plugins available. Most of them store redirects in the options table or in custom tables. Most of them provide tons of unnecessary options. Some of them have serious performance implications (404 error logging). Safe Redirect Manager stores redirects as Custom Post Types. This makes your data portable and your website scalable. Safe Redirect Manager is built to handle enterprise level traffic and is used on major publishing websites. The plugin comes with only what you need following the WordPress mantra decisions not options. Actions in filters make the plugin very extensible.