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[Geschlossen] Folluw up: Problem with Toolset Bootstrap theme options

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Last updated by emerson vor 9 Jahre, 3 Monate.

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Hi, folluw up on:

What did the theme developer tried sofar? In version 1.2. of toolset bootstrap theme nothing changed on this point, so this is still giving me unwanted HTML which is no good. Thanks.

Kind regards,



Dear Willem,
Thank you for the follow up.I tested this and anyone can remove header tag in the content.php harmlessly (like in their child theme). Granted this is still not used with any custom styling or JS code. However we cannot removed this in our next release. Since if we do something to hide it or alter its original rendering state. Lots of sites might be already using this header tag in their own custom CSS or JS code. Doing this can affect their site functionality.
For your update. Thanks 🙂



Hi Emerson,

Thanks, but I simply can not agree with you on this. No theme should offer a function to enable/disable something with the result useless HTML is left in the source, which is exactly what is happening here. Most people won't even notice this or don't have the knowledge about HTML or even creating a child theme. It's TVC toolset that is telling us we can disable it so we can do it ourselves in a content template, it's just not user friendly that people have to make a child theme first and change the content.php.

You say that it can not be undone, but I kindly ask you to reconsider this. We can 'add' <header> stuff by using content template, but we cannot remove something what you have added, and it for complete freedom about our HTML that we are using TVC toolset for.

Kind regards,



Dear Willem,
Yes we will reconsider this one. I'll add this ticket to our Toolset Bootstrap 1.3 todo. Thanks for the feedback 🙂





You're welcome. 🙂


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