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[Geschlossen] Follow up: wpv-woo-buy-or-select > link_to_product_text not working

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Last updated by Adriano vor 8 Jahre, 6 Monate.

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Hi Adriano,

Thanks for you clear explenation. I misunderstood what the "link_to_product_text" should change, but now I understand.
However, this still doens't change my problem, which I can now better explain to you.

Like you say, the "add_to_cart_text" is to change the button text for simple products. But actually, this button normally shows us two different texts depending if the product is on stock (add to cart) or out of stock (read more).

See image 1. It shows 'Bestel' and 'Lees meer'.

Now, when I change the "add_to_cart_text" button, this is overwriting both texts, which is not logical at all... (see image 2).. this add_to_cart_text should only overwrite the button text for the products that are on stock and can be bought. For the other text (read more) you should consider introducing a third variable in that shortcode like "read_more_text".

Did I explain myself good?

Kind regards,



My apologies the long delay to reply you. I must check with our development team, I will let you know as soon as I get an answer.


We agree with you, I guess a third variable will be needed indeed. Please paste here the shortcode you are using there.

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