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[Gelöst] Field list dropdown in Views Loop Wizard hidden behind panel

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Last updated by Christian Cox vor 4 Jahre, 8 Monate.

Assigned support staff: Christian Cox.

views loop wizard.png

I am trying to: add fields in the Views Loop Wizard

I visited this URL: Loop Wizard in a View

I expected to see: The Fields dopdown under 'Select fields to add to the loop'

Instead, I got: When I click the select the fields dropdown is hidden under the panel.

In another thread this is suggested to be caused by a plugin MainWP.
I don't have this plugin installed.
I deactivated all plugins except the Toolset plugins. The bug was still there.
See the attached screenshot.



Hi, could you check this erratum:

A patch file is included along with instructions for implementation. Make sure you clear your browser cache after applying the patch on your server. If this does not resolve your issue, please let me know and I will take another look.


The patch solved the problem but I am unsure if I should leave this topic open as the issue still has to be resolved in the official release.


Thanks, I will mark this ticket as "Fixed in next release" so I am reminded to come back to it when the fix has been permanently deployed. I'll update you soon.


Hi, we've released several plugin updates today, and I'd like to get your confirmation that this problem has been resolved satisfactorily. Please update your Toolset plugins to the latest versions, clear your browser cache, log out and log back in to your wp-admin area. Then test to see if the dropdown options are visible as expected.