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[Gelöst] Each CRED Submission Appears in WPML String Translations

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Last updated by Tia vor 5 Jahre, 3 Monate.

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Not sure if this is more for the WPML team or not, but since updating WPML and Toolset to their latest versions, each time someone submits a CRED form, every single user input (post title, description, all taxonomies & all custom fields, etc.) from that form will appear in string translations. This is growing my string translations database very quickly!

I can confirm that this problem is also present with latest WPML + CRED 1.8



Thank you for contacting Toolset Support. I am happy to help you with this.

Let me do some quick testing and double check with our WPML team. I will respond shortly with feedback.



Please go to WPML -> String Translation -> and uncheck "Auto-register strings from these text-domains"? Does the problem still occur?


Hi Tia, thanks for that tip! It does work and prevents further strings from being generated by user submissions. Is this intended behavior, or a bug? It's actually interesting because it gives us another way to translate fields without changing the post relationship in WPML (duplicate vs translation), but if we could keep certain fields from showing up, that would be great!



Take a look in WPML > Translation Management > Multilingual Content Setup. There should be options in there to not translate fields, however, it doesn't work for turning off Auto-register by individual fields.