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[Geschlossen] Database issue with toolset where it is not being used aka homepage

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database error toolset.png

I am trying to:debug slow website

Link to a page where the issue can be seen:
url provided above
I expected to see:
no database errors anywhere not only on homepage.

Instead, I got:
database errors, please see screenshot


Please help me update and make sure my toolset installation is up to date. Give me instructions.


Those errors should be due to an outdated Toolset, but in your provided Debug info, I see it's at latest version, which is confusing.

We addressed such errors a while back, already.

In order to Update Toolset, usually (if the site is registered) you just need to update them either in the plugins list or the Commercial Tab (Toolset Installer), like any other plugin.
If no update is showing available it means your site is up to date.
You can find the commercial tab (Toolset Installer) here hidden link

If the Toolset Plugins are up to date, and the error persists, please try (after a backup or on a staging site) to deactivate other software (unless Toolset) inclusive the Theme.
If the issue then persist, please create a Duplicate of the site using or any other method you prefer, and send that to me in the next private reply, so I can take a look.

If instead the issue is gone at that point, you would have to re-enable the previously disabled software one by one to find when the issue comes back, and report to me what you found.
I can then try to replicate the eventual compatibility conflict and help solving it.


Simple Question: How to disable toolset plugins from running on pages that i dont need it? ex. homepage


Well, Toolset is a Plugin that cannot be "disabled" pagewise, it tries to not load its scripts and styles on pages where no Toolset element is present, but for some scripts (date picker and others) this is not possible.

However, that does not provoke the issue you see.

Can you let me know what the results of suggestions where on your site?

I re-enabled as well a private reply, for the Duplicate - in case it's needed.


The Plugin Load Filter is a plugin that deactivates "unnecessary" plugins for each individual post and page.
This will break Toolset, and it is not solving the issue you see.

To resolve the issue you see, the information I requested in helps:
- please try (after a backup or on a staging site) to deactivate other software (unless Toolset) inclusive the Theme.
- please ensure you have original, updated copies of Toolset installed

I have downloaded the package provided and performed the above steps for you.
Initially, I checked if I even can see the error, but I cannot, please see my screenshot.

You mention that error appears everywhere on the page, but I cannot see it locally.
Can you indicate where you see the error (link) and eventually also add the WordPress Access Details to the previously opened private reply?
(I also reactivated a new one in case)

Note that what I saw is a repeating PHP error due to swrei-review-exim plugin:

PHP Deprecated:  Non-static method SWREI_wc_export_review::SWREI_instance() should not be called statically in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/Duplicator/wp-content/plugins/swrei-review-exim/simple_review_exportimport.php on line 269

Also, there are several JS errors in the console (not related to Toolset):

WebSocket connection to '<em><u>hidden link</u></em>' failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 403

Several others are related to seo-by-rank-math Plugin.

But I saw no errors about Toolset.
Where can I find them on the site?

I also tested the site with just Toolset and a native WordPress theme, and immediately all errors above are gone, too.
None of these issues seem related to Toolset, as of yet.

Please, can you elaborate about the location of the problem along with eventual access to the live site?
I will eventually also need access to the database, to see if te database table eventually is corrupt or missing


In a private message please send me the link to the staging site you created with my package.
First I want to make sure you understand what I am experiencing.

Allow me to re-elaborate my concern,

When Toolset Views is Activated, the Shop Archives Pagination disappears.
I noticed Toolset is being used on non-woocommerce pages. This should not be the case, Toolset should only be a resource on Single Product Pages.


There is no online staging site, our Support does not include development or online resolutions ready to go or test, by default.
We can offer this sometimes when we cannot determine the issue in no other way.

My tests were done locally, as our workflow foresees.
I notice my screenshot did not come through, however, I understand the issue is not about the missing database table as shown in the initial screenshot (which I was not able to see locally either), but about the Shop Archive (Shop page of WooCommerce) pagination disappears?

I will now re-deployed the duplicate, to see after this issue.

Can I ask, what you mean by "Toolset is being used on non-woocommerce pages"?
Toolset is "used" only when you decide to apply for example a Content Template on a post, or insert a View, or a Form, or a Field.
But if you just install Toolset, Toolset will not alter the look of your site without further interference (unless there are some conflicts).

Can you elaborate on the exact issues you want to report, and how you reach the issues?
A short list of the problems and steps to those problems will help to find the issues, detect their cause and resolve them.

I will update this ticket when I deployed the package again, with my findings.
Please if possible let me know the details as above outlined, for us to resolve this as quickly ad effortless as possible.

We can set up a testing site with the Duplicate of your site if you require this, but our support does usually not include this in standard support.
You could set up a staging site on the server which you can also use later for your own development, where we could interact.

We usually set up online test sites only when we cannot determine the issue locally.
If there are no other means to explain the issue, I can request such server that you can populate with your duplicate.

Please let me know.
In case you already have a staging site I am adding a private reply for you to share the access, in case it becomes necessary.

Thank you.


Please find my reply above in the unfolding green area (private message).

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