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[Gelöst] CSS not saving and Visual Editor Css Error in Backend

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I am trying to:
I am editing a visual editor cell and when i click on Fields and Views it pops up under the visual editor window. Not allowing me to edit it. If I close the editor cell the Toolset - Fields and Views becomes enlarged and i dont think it works.

Link to a page where the issue can be seen:
Layout for Products

I expected to see:

Instead, I got:



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Hi Paul

I tried this on my local site with updated plugins and I don't see the same problem.

I wonder if there might be a caching issue. Could you clear the cache and perform a hard reload on the page and see if that fixes the issue?

Otherwise we'd need to rule out conflicts with other plugins, if you could de-activate non-Toolset plugins and see if the issue is resolved, in which case you can re-activate the other plugins one at a time to identify the conflict. Maybe "WooCommerce Admin" for example?


The issue appears to be coming from

File Manager Advanced
Cpanel for files management in wordpress

Version 2.8 | By modalweb | View details

I deactivated the plugin.



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Thanks for the details, I was able to confirm a conflict with the same plugin.

The last Views update modified how the Fields and Views UI works, and it looks like it is creating conflicts with a few plugins, and I've added details of this one to the existing internal ticket.

I expect we should get a fix before long and I've escalated this thread and will update you when I have news.



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Hi Paul

We just released updates to several plugins, including Views, which should fix this issue if you could please update and confirm.