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[Geschlossen] CRED custom taxonomy "select all" option

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Hi, I am trying to add "select all" option to my custom taxonomy in CRED form. I searched through different topics in your forum with different jqueries but I can't make it work.

Could you help me , please?


Hi, there's not a feature to activate a "Select All" button for a CRED taxonomy field. This will require custom code, and depends on how your field is implemented (checkboxes, multiple select, etc). I can help you troubleshoot any code you have written, so if something is not working as expected I can take a look and offer some guidance. However our support policy is that we do not provide code that extends the functionality of Toolset here in the forums. We have a contractors portal where you can connect with developers who are able to do this type of work for a fee:

Here are a few hints to implement your own custom code in a CRED form:
- Use the namespace 'jQuery' instead of '$' to access jQuery inside a CRED form's JS panel
- Bind to the window's 'load' event to attach your own event listeners:

jQuery(window).bind('load', function(){
  // Add your event handlers here
    // do something when inputs change
    // use jQuery instead of $

If you have some code in place, I will be glad to help troubleshoot. Let me know.

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